Event Paste (2015)

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Eventul de Paşte (2015).png
Incepand cu 28.03. si pana pe 12.04. vom sarbatori Eventul de Paste 2015.

În Joc[modificare]

Easter Eggs.jpg

Pe durata eventului,
Ou de Paște.png
Easter Egg drop as Alternative Drop, this means, any mob, within your level range can drop the
Ou de Paște.png
Easter Egg.

Easter Bunny 2013.png

You can take the eggs to Easter Bunny and trade them for items, click here for full list of items possible to get from the eggs.

Magic Egg Large.png
Easter Metin.png

For the duration of the event,
Ou Magic.png
Magic Egg drops from Easter Metin Stones, click here for the full list of possible items.

Keep an eye open for other surprises in game.

Disponibil în Item Shop[modificare]

Related Information and previous events[modificare]

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