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With the implementation of the Costume System, several costumes have been implemented in game over time, some are available through item-shop, others from drops in game.

Tipuri de costume[modificare]

Costume de Halloween 2015[modificare]

*Eventul de vară 2015[modificare]

  • Eventul de vară 2015 Costum Cobra.png
Costum Cobra

Eventul de Paşte 2015[modificare]

Costume de Craciun 2014[modificare]

Warlock's&Witch Costume[modificare]

Zombie Costume[modificare]

World Cup 2014 Costumes[modificare]

Desert Warrior[modificare]

Azrael's Armour[modificare]

Pumpkin Jack Costume[modificare]

Olympic Costumes[modificare]

Boxing, Football, Fencing

Costume de Petrecere[modificare]

Halloween Costume[modificare]

Desert Warrior[modificare]

Costume de Crăciun[modificare]

Costum de Ren[modificare]

Easter Costumes[modificare]

Football Costumes[modificare]

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